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Nutrimill Grain Mill
This Is Our #1 Selling Mill

Add the seed mill with your
purchase of a Nutrimill Grain Mill
Details below

Nutrimill Classic Grain Mill

The Nutrimill has two adjustment dials, the upper
dial slows the motor slightly , allowing for a coarser
grind, making perfect corn mill or cream of wheat
type cereal. Grinding coarser than any other high
speed grain mill! The lower dial set on fine, will
produce the finest pastry flour and is your power switch. 

Nutrimill Features

  • Pull out drawer with a 20 cup bowl capacity
  • Can be turned off or on while grain is in the hopper.
  • Fill the hopper once and get a 20 cups of fresh flour.
  • Easy grip hopper lid for easy access and quieter operation.
  • World's first variable, high speed, mill motor
  • Texture dial for cracked wheat (finely cracked)
  • Warranty: Motor/Milling Heads Limited Lifetime
  • Warranty: Electronics - Limited Lifetime
  • Parts and Plastics -10 Years
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Why Use A Nutrimill Grain Mill?

You cannot get the nutrients and fiber found in whole grain from commercially processed flours. During processing all 26 nutrients including fiber, middling’s, bran, germ and germ oil are removed and 5 synthetic nutrients (riboflavin, niacin, thiamine-B complex vitamins and iron-mineral, folic acid in recent years and sometimes calcium) are added in place of the rich, natural nutrients that grains are grown with. If you purchase "Whole wheat" flour from the store. which has been commercially processed, all but 18% of the Insoluble fiber has been removed. Using the Nutrimill Grain Mill you will have ALL 26 vitamins and 7 layers of Insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber found in freshly milled whole wheat flour will clean our digestive system and eliminate the need of dietary fiber supplements. Adding a Nutrimill Grain Mill in your home is a wonderful kitchen tool to improve and maintain your health".



Sale Price:
$269.99: Nutrimill Grain Mill
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