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Gamma Seal Lids

Gamma seal lids



Bosch Universal Plus Deluxe Mixer MUM6N21C

Gamma Seal Black Gamma Seal Black Gamma Seal Black Gamma Seal Black Gamma Seal Black Gamma Seal Black Gamma Seal Black
Gamma Seal Lids
The Gamma Seal lid permanently transforms your 12" diameter
bucket into an airtight/leak proof storage container. Now a
bucket can be used for hundreds of household and other storage 
applications! Simply snap the patented adapter onto your
bucket and spin-on the removeable lid. Specially engineered
gaskets ensure that the lid and adapter are properly sealed
to guarantee airtight protection. I have many of these at home
and they keep things organized. Red wheat in the red one, white
rice in white, beans in black,  I have one for dog at food, one
for my rock salt, one for lawn fertilizer, one for a diaper pail,
one on the boat, and a few others. No more prying off those difficult lids.
The Gamma Seal lid fits virtually any 3.5-7.0 gallon bucket
(including 20 liter). WHITE is FDA Approved.  
Purchase 6 any color combination, for only $7.50 each-$45.00!
Purchase 12 any color combination, for only $6.50 each - $78.00!
(Please email your color preference:
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Sale Price:
$8.95: Gamma Seal Black/Gamma Seal Peach/Gamma Seal Blue/Gamma Seal Red/Gamma Seal Yellow/Gamma Seal White
$45.00: Gamma Seal Lids (6)
$78.00: Gamma Seal Lids (12)
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