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Lequip FIlter Pro<BR>Dehydrator Sale $125.00<br>FREE SHIPPING

Lequip FIlter Pro
Dehydrator Sale $125.00

Food Dehydrator, Lequip dehydrator



530 Watts, Includes 6 trays: 2 deep/ 4 regular, Includes 2 'clean air flow' filters, Includes 2 fruit leather trays and 6 mesh screens, Each tray has 1.2 sq. feet drying space, Dries fruit, vegetables, meat, potpourri, yogurt and more. 12 year warranty
  • Clean, home dried food- you know what you are eating
  • Enhanced flavor- dehydrated food has concentrated flavor
  • Create healthy snacks for kids
  • Dried snacks ideal for traveling
  • Buy seasonal foods and save money
  • Dried fruits and vegetables resist spoilage and keep for months
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials, this userfriendly health appliance not only performs well, but has a unique design to complement any kitchen.


  • Clean filtered air is drying your food
  • Can stack up to 20 trays
  • Over 24 square feet of drying space
  • Dries food uniformly and consistently
  • Solid state variable temperature control for precise results
  • Micro-processor controlled heat sensor stablizes the drying environment
  • Natural food preservation method

Easy to clean and use

L'Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator



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Price: $125.00
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