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Vegalene Pure Vegetable Pan Coating

Vegalene Pure Vegetable Pan Coating

Vegalene All Purpose Spray has a patented 3 oil blend formula which has made it most trusted pan coating in the industry. . This patented formula of canola, sunflower, and soybean oil is not diluted by water or alcohol and does not include any inorganic compounds. Features up to 30% more active release agents than other pan coatings. You will not get that gummy build-up that occurs with other greases and oils, saving on clean-up time and costs for replacement pans. It is suited for coating everything from frying pans, griddles, grills, and steam tables to casserole dishes, chafers, broilers, cookie sheets, and baking tins! This item is cholesterol free, trans-fat free, and Kosher certified. (14 and 21 oz. cans)

We spray our bread pans and bun pans with this, it works wonderfully!

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$9.59: 14 oz.
$12.99: 21.5 oz.
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